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We are a Ukrainian company with over a decade of experience in offering Scrum consultancy services for businesses all over the world. We provide access to certified Masters that help to implement the Scrum framework to increase the value and efficiency of the software development process. With our assistance, businesses can hire remote and part-time Scrum Masters from a huge talent pool of experts. And the best part is that the client only pays for the time a consultant works on their project. All Scrum Masters and consultants are highly experienced and certified to work with a team of any size. They help to deliver value to the client with a flexible, adaptable, agile, and iterative work process framework.

Benefits of Scrum Consulting Services

Scrum is a lightweight and easily adaptable process framework that endorses the value of a product. It allows maximizing client satisfaction with the fast response to needs and changes. It increases the overall efficiency of the software development processes, transparency of communication, and continuous progress.

In Scrum, the success of the project is identified by the value and response to clients’ requests. It ensures easy adjustments of the scope to the schedule, delivery of the essential parts first, and simple adoption of constantly changing requirements. Consultant ensures that all the processes are iterative, incremental, and based on collective responsibility and teamwork.

Types of Certified Scrum Professionals We Can Find:
  • Professional Scrum Master;
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner;
  • Professional Scrum Developer;
  • Scaled Professional Scrum;
  • Professional Agile Leadership Expert;
  • Professional Agile Leadership – EBM Expert;
  • Professional Scrum with Kanban Expert;
  • Professional Scrum with User Experience Expert.

Steps to Hire a Scrum Consultant

Gather Requirements

Tell us all your requirements so we can find the best expert for you.

Review and Vet CVs

We find and shortlist suitable candidates.

Conduct a Technical Interview

We examine the candidates’ qualifications and expertise.

Sign the Contracts and Start

We find the best expert for you to start cooperation.

Tasks Our Scrum Consultants and Maters Can Do for You

  • Train and coach team members on understanding Scrum and Agile processes;
  • Help to effectively formulate product backlog management;
  • Ensure team and product owner understand concise backlog management and items;
  • Maximize the product value by assisting in product backlog formulation;
  • Preparation, hosting, and management of Scrum events (daily meetings, sprints, retrospectives);
  • Assists team in providing the highest product value by eliminating any impediments;
  • Regular review of progress to ensure maximum efficiency of the team;
  • Control of Scrum practices implementation, resolving any possible conflicts;
  • Leadership in the adoption of Scrum framework by the organization;
  • Teach and promote Scrum practices among employees;
  • Act as a communication point between the team, PO, and the company
Scrum Consulting Services We Provide

We offer 2 options to cooperate with Scrum Consultants: part-time consultancy from a Senior-level Scrum expert or hiring a full-time dedicated Scrum Master or a Product Owner.

Part-time Consultancy from a Senior-level Certified Scrum Expert

We are ready to find the best Scrum experts for your team, no matter what size it is. Such an expert can work part-time or based on the demand or project, which allows saving the budget. Whether you are an established company willing to implement a Scrum framework for increased value or a small startup looking for efficient software development processes, our professionals are happy to help. This cooperation model is suitable for companies looking for partial or limited in time consultancy and assistance.

Hiring a Full-time Dedicated Scrum Master or Product Owner

This hiring model is perfect for businesses looking for constant cooperation and guidance in terms of the Scrum process operation framework. We will find the best certified and experienced Scrum Master or Product Owner for your particular requirements. This expert will focus solely on your team and project to maximize the value and efficiency of software development processes. With our help, you can enhance an organization’s processes and operations to bring the most value to clients and investors.

If your company requires a high-quality Scrum consultancy, we are ready to assist in finding the best expert for your unique business needs and team size!
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